Spirit-Mind-Body Massage Treating the whole human being, not just the diagnosis


Welcome to  Spirit-Mind-Body Massage (www.SMBmassage.com)  where I provide advanced clinical pain, stress & rehabilitation manual &  energy therapy services — holistically treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. 

SMBmassage's foundational manual therapy modality is the John F Barnes MyoFascial Release Approach (MFRA/jfb). Its focus is on finding and releasing fascial restrictions throughout the whole body.  Given the all-pervasive networked nature of fascia into every corner of the body, the root cause of symptoms can be anywhere.

Within the MFRA/jfb framework of releasing fascial restrictions, I use a Functional Re-Integration Framework (FRIF), consisting of intuitively integrating several advanced medical, clinical, orthopedic, neuromuscular and energy therapies;  and health education.  The specific blend of therapies chosen for FRIF depends on the set of pathologies encountered, often adapted in real-time, during therapy sessions.  I do not use rigid cookie-cutter protocols, but rather adapt intuitively to what your body tells me. Please refer to the Services & Rates tab for more details about FRIF.

In order to lower the client's healthcare costs, both the MFRA/jfb framework and FRIF include extensive self-care as an integral part of the client's health education.

The client's specific pain, stress, medical, clinical and orthopedic needs drive how each manual therapy session is customized within the context of the client's medical prescription or long-term program of manual therapy and self-care, for maintaining and improving health and wellness. 

Relaxation:  As a general rule, I do not perform relaxation massage;  however, occasionally a client wants a change and will ask for a relaxation massage.  Such a massage is based primarily on a blend of Zero Balancing, Swedish and Zen Shiatsu manual therapies.

Location:  Spirit-Mind-Body Massage  offers its MFRA/jfb, advanced integrative medical, clinical, orthopedic and neuromuscular manual and energy therapies, and health education services at its new location in Lyndon Plaza, 20 South Santa Cruz Avenue, Suite 207, Los Gatos, CA, 95030, on the corner with West Main Street.

APPOINTMENTS:  Until my online web-based session appointment management system is available, please text me at 408-806-5478 to schedule appointments in accordance with the HOURS tab.  

Health Insurance:  The online system will allow me to prepare Super Bills for you to give to your health insurer, based on prescriptions from qualified members of your integrated health care team — an MD or a DO.  Generally, I do not deal directly with your health insurer, but rather I prepare for you a SuperBill (Form CMS-1500) for you to send to your health insurer.

One major goal of my manual therapy services is to reduce your stress by helping you move into a state of being characterised by a greater Relaxation Response*.  Moving away from a persistent or chronic Fight, Flight or Freeze** state of being, dominated by the Sympathetic Nervous System, and often characterized by high persistent stress and a compromised immune system;  toward a deeper Relaxation Response* state of being, dominated by the Para-Sympathetic Nervous System, has well-documented benefits for your immune system, and your health and wellness. 

My advanced MFRA/jfb, medical, clinical and neuromuscular massage therapy training both with the National Holistic Institute (NHI), and with several elite medical massage and manual therapy masters and pioneers,  prepares me well to take a Holistic Bio-Psycho-Social*** view of each client, in order to understand more fully the client's experiences, and how these experiences might be affecting both the client's overall health and wellness, and the appropriate mix of therapies and healing program.

Based on a client intake assessment, often working closely with the client's physician, I recommend the client's specific therapeutic program, customizing each therapy session to integrate a suitable combination of several modalities to address the dysfunctions.

The therapy modalities include: myofascial release (MFRA/jfb), zero balancing (ZB), Reiki III; functional re-integration framework (FRIF);  medical massage therapy (CMMP), oncology massage (OMPP), lymphatic drainage therapy (LDT), dermo-neuro-modulation (DNM), comfort touch, integrated manual therapies, trigger point therapy, sports massage, deep tissue, myoskeletal alignment therapy (MAT), myofascial therapy (MFT), active myofascial therapy (AMT), strain/counter-strain, active isolated stretching (AIS), joint mobilization, IGwin, and foot reflexology, burn scar massage therapy (CBSMT); acupressure, Shiatsu hara and energy meridian work, Jin Shin Jyutsu, to help relieve persistent & chronic pain and to restore physical functional impairments.  

I seek not only to relieve your persistent & chronic symptoms, but also to find and remediate the root causes of your symptoms.  

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT),  an all-too-often overlooked and under-used form of massage, is very helpful for immediately improving the immune system's functioning, and can assist with reducing swelling (edema) by speeding the removal of the waste byproducts of healing from traumatic injuries such as bruises, sprains, post-operative recovery and other sources of inflammation.   I use an effective, gentle and relaxing two-pass method for clearing and then stimulating lymphatic system drainage, especially for Trauma Edemas and otherwise healthy uncompromised functioning lymphatic systems.  Schedule an appointment to have a full-body Lymphatic Drainage Therapy session at least every four months to keep your immune system in peak condition. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Two classes of edemas  primary and secondary lymphedema, i.e., damaged lymphatic systems resulting from cancer surgery, severe 3rd-degree burns  often require a specialized certification for Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Complex Decongestive Physiotherapies.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some medical and clinical therapy work will be performed only with the advice and consent of your physician usually either a DO or an MD.  Some therapy will require a written prescription, especially for your insurance documentation.

Thank you for visiting Spirit-Mind-Body Massage.  I hope to be able to serve you at SMBmassage some day soon, in Los Gatos, California.  Until then, for you and your loved ones, let every day be a great day, and may you enjoy each one to the fullest.

And always remember this:  

     No pain, no gain;  
     Know pain, know gain.
     Now that's INSANE;  
     And it's NOT supported by science! 

Here's how it really works:

     No pain, know gain;
     Know pain, no gain.
     Now that IS SANE;
     And it IS supported by science!

You can visit SMBmassage's website again at:  http://www.SMBmassage.com/  

Namaste, Dusty Rhodes, MS, CMT, CMMP, OMPP
MyoFascial Release & Integrative Clinical Therapist 
and Health Educator

email: Dusty@SMBmassage.com 


*  The Relaxation Response, 1975, by Herbert Benson, MD, Harvard Medical School

** Wisdom of the Body, 1932, by Walter B Cannon, MD, Harvard Medical School

*** The BioPsychoSocial Model and the Education of Health Professionals, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, George L Engel, MD, Volume 310, Jun 1978, pages 169-181.